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A Mother's Song: A New Scottish Folk Musical

From 17th century Stirling to 21st century New York City, themes of identity, motherhood, and choice collide in a bold and life-affirming story which follows three remarkable women at different moments in history, and traces the incredible journey of Scottish folk music across the Atlantic. 
Sarah comes from a long line of ballad singers, but has severed ties with the folk traditions of her childhood. In modern-day New York City, Sarah’s rediscovery of these songs and the family stories within them, force her to go on an unexpected and life-changing journey across time.

Finn & Tania meet at the Edinburgh festivals and begin chatting about ideas and developing new musical theatre.



The pair are commissioned to write a new musical for a Scottish-American cast of students from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) and American Music Theatre Project (AMTP). They began dreaming up the concept of A Mother’s Song.




January Tania & Finn lead a week of devising and early stage development with students at RCS

June A week in Chicago, workshopping the first draft of the the script and score 

August The students from RCS and AMTP come together to stage the first production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 



January-February Finn & Tania undertake a 5 week residency in Chicago at AMTP, to rewrite the show and workshop new material.

April Public reading at The Lowry in Salford, with a cast of 6, as part of Rewrites festival 


September A Mother’s Song In Concert at MacRobert Arts Centre



February The world premiere of A Mothers Song: A New Folk Musical took place from the 23rd-26th February 2023; produced by Macrobert Arts Centre and KT Producing. 

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